Who Is Deborah Robertson from Covington GA


My Retirement Was Not What I Expected To Find….

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“My retirement was not what I expected to find
The money ran out and I nearly lost my mind”

“So I started searching for a work from home online
Got my computer and googled it all the time”

“Everywhere I turned, it was ‘buy this, buy that’..
I got that ‘information overload” rat”

“Focus is what I needed…..goals I had to make
What could relieve this awful, terrible headache”

“(I’m a rhyming fool as you can see
But …..please forgive this little retiree….)”

Let me see…(I’m a list maker…not a rhyming bee (oops)—
so here’s my list for you from me

******What I NEEDED Before I Conceded*****

==>I have NO technical skill (so I need it simple still)

==>I have NO products so I needed them done for me (I am high maintenance and having everything already done is key)

==>I would absolutely HATE trying to “sell” anyone anything…that’s not for me! (ah-ha! I need salespeople working my leads so I don’t flee!)

==>I DON’T want to talk to friends and neighbors so NEVER ask me to do that!!! (They would think I was crazy as a bat)

==>I LOVE my time freedom and I love to travel so it has to be something that can be done from anywhere in the world as long as there is a WIFI connection! (Told you that I was high maintenance whatever the direction)

==>I DON’T have a website…..(and wouldn’t know how to build one even using all my might…)

==> Oh, yeah….I DON’T do those pyramid things…. …(I watch out for those little zings)


“I’m off to explore….I know what I desire
ExcitedI found the perfect fit and ready to acquire.”

“Or so….I thought…..

“…UNTIL two ugly beasts raised their heads

….DOUBT and FEAR came full force and pushed me until I stopped dead?”

“You can’t do this ….so they said…
You’re too old and you’ll just be misled…..”

“Scams and bad guys are all around.so you should be careful….

…They are so right… not only that but you must be prayerful… “(I know I am struggling now)

“Then determination and persistence showed up to defend and attest…
“Proof of those younger and older with great success”

“So I made my choice…..I’m off to the races
You can’t stop me now..I’m running the bases.”

“Hook up with the system that has proof it works and has stood the test of time.”

Bottom line is what you want…and it’s going to cost more than a dime…


“I know you are skeptical…..because I was too…..
But this is me, coaxing you all the way through…”

“You gotta decide….You gotta take action….
….Because this ship is sailing…

“So, it’s up to you to start prevailing…”

“Kick fear and doubt right in the butt (I would say “ass” but I don’t use that language!!)

…And take the right action to get out of your rut!”

“So what if it works and you pass it on by..

…You’ll miss out on your warm sandy beach, beautiful bright sun, and big blue sky!”

“Just check it out…..there is NO loss….
Make the right decision because you’re the boss!

“So, this is Deborah and here’s what I got….”
====> 21-step proven system for NEWBIES

(“And yes, that is me in the pic below
Training some friends – helping them to grow)

“Did my checklist and it met my goals….
I’ve now traveled the world and am a happier soul!”

“You’re still reading now…so you’ve got the desire….
Don’t let it slip away — or you’ll become a liar….. “(well, it rhymes)

“Oh, did I tell you this…..I AM a success
You can find me on stage all over the U.S.”

“I used to only dream of traveling the world.
But my online business has taken me on a traveling swirl…”

“What adventures I’ve had as I left my mark…
In Cancun, I was scared to death as I swam with the whale sharks”… (overcoming fear is awesome!)

“I ziplined through the rain forest of Costa Rica and it wasn’t even a full moon!
I drove a Ferrari Spider 105 mph and I felt immune!” (sorry, that was the fastest I was willing to go!!!)

“I was invited to have dinner with Kevin Harrington, an original Shark on the TV Shark Tank….

Who would have ever thought this little old retiree could take it to the bank!!!”

NOW, YOU might ask….

“Can I do this?

…”Well, here’s your answer..
It all depends on YOU as you’re the lead dancer.”

“Some make it hard and some make it an abyss (that’s hell, you know)

“But the main question I have is “Can you KISS?” “(Keep It Stupid Simple!)

“It’s not for everybody if you just want free….
It’s a business you know and that is key…”

“So if you are ready to smile….
Just follow my lead and you’ll retire in style…”

“I’ll be with you all the way…..
It’s me and you….okay?”


“Just put your name and email here:  Fill out this form for HELP
and check your inbox and I’ll bend your ear…”

“Wishing all your dreams come true
As you deserve it through and through…”

——Your-not-so-good at rhyming mentor.

Deborah is a retired teacher from Covington GA and started on the Internet as an Affiliate Marketer NOT knowing anything at all about it!  When Deborah was asked what she did to become successful, “I jumped in with both feet!  You know if you want to learn to swim, you can’t just put your toe in the water, but you have to jump in and go deep!!  That’s what I did!”

Deborah currently is one of the highest paid consultants for the leading online business education companies in the world.

Want Deborah’s Help in Getting Started ONLINE?

==> Yes,  Please Help Me

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